Roll of Honour

The British Normandy Memorial bears the names of 22,442 British personnel and those serving under British command, who died while taking part in D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. This includes people from more than 30 different countries who served during the summer of 1944.

It is easy to search the database and find a name below. Contact us on if you believe a record contains incorrect information.

Non-British personnel killed while serving in British units, such as the many individuals from the Commonwealth who died serving with Royal Air Force squadrons, will be included. However individuals who were serving in units (such as ships, army battalions or air forces squadrons) that belonged to other national forces will not be.

The most clearly defined group of individuals who fall under the above criteria are those who are buried or commemorated in Normandy. “Commemorated” in this case means that the individual does not have a known grave because their body was not recovered, or if recovered was not identified. In addition, individuals will also be included on the Memorial who are buried or commemorated outside Normandy but who died on missions connected to the Battle. These include sailors killed while patrolling the flanks of the invasion area to defend the Allied fleet. Also included are airmen killed while making attacks which aimed to slow the flow of German reinforcements to the fighting in Normandy, even if they took place some distance from the battlefield. Special forces personnel serving elsewhere in France who were acting in support of the campaign are also included on the Memorial.

We have taken great care in researching the names, but welcome any comments or suggestions for anyone that you believe may have been omitted.

Appeal to Find Relatives OF THE FALLEN

The Trust is appealing for relatives of the fallen to come forward to share stories, pictures, letters and other archive materials connected to their loved ones so that their memory can be preserved digitally for future generations via a Digital Visitor Experience App. You can contact us at, sharing a maximum of 500 words and 5 images / archive documents.




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