D-Day 80: Education Pack

The education pack, commissioned by the Normandy Memorial Trust and developed in partnership with the British Council and GCHQ, was created to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It contains information and resources to help pupils in both the UK and France develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of key historical events and their impact on the people and places involved in D-Day, and the Battle of Normandy. These events led eventually to the successful liberation of German-occupied Western Europe.

D-Day Assembly: Calling secondary pupils in France and the UK to join us online on Thu 6 Jun 0900 BST.

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In partnership with British Council, join us on the 80th Anniversary of D-Day to hear from our speakers about the role of codebreaking, secret information, the French Resistance and watch a video of a veteran talking about his experience.

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Young people can find out about the sequence of events leading up to D-Day, the roles played by the Allied forces, French Resistance and the intelligence services along with the impact of the campaign on French civilians, particularly in the Normandy village of Tilly-sur-Seulles.

They can investigate primary sources including photographs, letters and documents, carry out research and commemorate the brave people involved in the conflict. They might also have a go at practising their language skills, codebreaking and a creative writing activity inspired by the part played by animals in these wartime events.

The pack is also suitable for families / use at home to help young people understand the story of the Normandy Campaign 80 years on.


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