Richard Fone

This story and photos are shared by the Trust with kind permission from Gillian Fone, sister-in-law of Richard Fone

Remembering Richard Fone, brother of my late husband. He was employed by the Post Office in August 1938 to the Messenger Staff in the London Telecommunications Region Branch and was then appointed as a Postman in 1942 with a probationary period of 1 year. As he had been mobilised by this time he was told that the probationary period would begin once he was able to return to civil duties.

However, he would not be able to return to his peactime employment. After mobilisation he was posted to 6 (Airborne) Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals. The unit emplaned on 5th June and took off from airfields in southern England. The parachutists landed in near Huger-Ranville, Normandy at 0100 and the glider borne troops landed in Le Bas de Ranville at 0330. He was killed on 7th June, the only fatality in his unit that day. The family were intially told he had died of wounds but in November 1944 they were informed that Richard had been killed in action rather than died of wounds.

He was buried in Ranville Churchyard which my husband and I have visited.

Despite the fact he had not been in active employment with the Post Office because of the war, the family were sent a certificate in 1944 expressing regret at his death after 5 years service with the Post Office.

After his death, offers of help in case of hardship were sent to his parents by the Royal Signals Association and the Airborne Forces Security Fund.



    Army • SIGNALMAN

    Royal Corps of Signals
    6 (Airborne) Division Signals

    DIED 07 June 1944

    AGE 20

    SERVICE NO. 14407056



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