Daughter of Fallen Serviceman Visits Memorial

This story and photos are shared by the Trust with kind permission from Christine Larmuth, Neville’s daughter.

Christine Larmuth’s father, Neville Hawkey, is remembered on the Memorial. He served with the Dorsetshire Regiment, and was seconded to 130 Brigade H.Q. as Intelligence Officer. He was killed on a recce for Hill 112 on 12th July 1944 at Eterville. He is buried in the Bayeux Cemetery.

Christine visited on 16 August 2022 with her husband, David.

It is a grand sight as one approaches and the view of Gold Beach from the Memorial is spectacular. With kind help from others in our coach, we found my father’s name quite quickly and it was a very emotional moment, a mixture of pride and sadness. The Memorial is breathtakingly beautiful and an excellent tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Normandy Campaign. We cannot thank you and your excellent team enough for giving Britain this wonderful memorial to the fallen.

Christine Larmuth during her visit to the British Normandy Memorial and right, her father’s name etched on the Memorial stone.


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